Nick Reynolds

Nick Reynolds

Nick is a Feature assistant at Lin Pictures. Before moving to the company, Nick worked at DreamWorks Studios under Jonathan Eirich and at the Gotham Group before that. Born and raised on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Nick attended Trinity School and New York University, majoring in Art History and Creative Writing. While a New Yorker at heart, Nick has also lived in London and Paris before moving to Los Angeles in 2011. In addition to his work in development, Nick has also assisted production on a number of films, including THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN, JULIE AND JULIA, and SEX AND THE CITY.

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Childhood ambition: My own trading card in Sports Illustrated for Kids.

Fondest memory: New Year’s Karaoke in Nepal with my family.

Soundtrack: Floating Points, The National, Steely Dan, Kanye West, Burial, LCD Soundsystem, The Strokes. Alan Watts lectures when I can’t sleep.

Retreat: Gordon’s Wine Bar in London

Wildest dream: Produced by Nick Reynolds

Proudest moment: Seeing those closest to me succeed

Biggest challenge: Two-fingered typing technique

Alarm clock: The birds loudly plotting outside my window.

Perfect day: Empty morning matinee at the Arclight, heated game of basketball, cooking dinner for friends, red-eye to a far-away place.

First job: Tour Guide and ticket taker at the American Museum of Natural History

Indulgence: Anything and everything from Zabar’s.

Last purchase: New pair of desert boots.

Favorite movie: Blade Runner, LA Confidential, After The Thin Man, Die Hard, Year of Living Dangerously, North By Northwest, Raiders of The Lost Ark, Bob Le Flambeur, Tokyo Story, Heat, Old School.

Inspiration: My mother

My life: my life, my life, in the sunshine…