Jonathan Eirich

Jonathan Eirich

Jonathan is the President of Film for Lin Pictures. Before joining the Lin Pictures team, he spent nine years in development and production at DreamWorks Studios, most recently as a Senior Vice-President where he oversaw the Steven Spielberg-directed BRIDGE OF SPIES (2015) starring Tom Hanks, along with the upcoming Scarlett Johansson-vehicle GHOST IN THE SHELL (2017), based on the acclaimed manga and anime.  His previous films at the studio included NEED FOR SPEED, TRANSFORMERS 2, I AM NUMBER FOUR, and the 2011 Academy-Award nominated THE HELP.  Prior to becoming a senior executive at the studio, Jonathan worked as the creative assistant to Chairman Stacey Snider, joining her during her transition from Universal Studios in 2006, after spending a year as an assistant at CAA.  His first jobs in the industry included an internship at Gold Circle Films and a Production Assistant job on the initial episodes of the hit show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.”  Jonathan attended Harvard University where he majored in History and Literature.

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Childhood ambition: To be a mystery novelist… who was also a doctor who played third base part time for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Fondest memory: Fondest childhood memory was my first snowfall in Boston with my family… Fondest adult memory is my wedding day in Sonoma two years ago.

Soundtrack: Some combination of alt rock, classical and slightly cheesy current pop music… though weirdly Lightning Crashes by Live always comes on at big milestones in my life.

Retreat: Traveling internationally to somewhere new with my wife Daria… so far it’s Chile, Slovenia, Turkey, Peru, Kenya, Spain, France, Italy, Belize…

Wildest dream: To be successful enough to have the freedom to be bi-coastal and to travel all the time with my family.

Proudest moment: Saying my wedding vows to Daria

Biggest challenge: Knowing how to distinguish time spent on busywork from the things that really matter in life.

Alarm clock: Recently, the sun

Perfect day: Golf in the morning, then wine tasting and an amazing meal with family & friends.

First job: Working in the kitchen of a fancy Boston restaurant at age 15.

Indulgence: Golf, art, coffee, travel, fantasy baseball

Last purchase: An original mixed-media photo piece for my foyer


Inspiration: My parents and my wife

My life: Keeps getting better